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T_T - Sept of the Shaded Glen

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Previous Entry T_T Nov. 28th, 2007 @ 11:26 am Next Entry
I think I've suffered more bruises from Anora than I have from Reiji...
I hurt

Omg.. I bought Evil Dead for PS2 cause I'm in love with Ash
I wasn't really sure I'd like the game since it was old, and by THQ, and the fact its a video game based offa movie (which we know I hate, cause all video games based offa movies suck).. and I thought it would be even worse because it was a video game based offa the EVIL DEAD series... which isn't exactly very good either XD
But.. Its really not that bad... because, once again, I love Ash. XD And he makes this entire game bearable XD
He was all busy dealing with two enemies in front of him-- the old but trusty "rifle to gut/chainsaw to the head -no-jutsu." Then some dude come up from behind him while I'm still shooting the fuckers in front on me. Well, Ash just points that boomstick back behind him and gets a headshot and goes back to finishing off the other guys like it was no big deal. He's so fucking cool >_
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